Christmas Island Trip June 2016

Mathew has just returned from a trip to the tropical island of Christmas Island. Christmas Island is a beautiful Island off the coast of Indonesia and is only a 3 and a half hour flight from Perth, Western Australia.

The best time is the dry season where temperatures hover from around 25 – 30 degrees during the day and 27 – 21 at night .

What is the weather like?
Wet Season > November, December, January, February
Dry Season > May, June, July, August, September
In-between Seasons March, April, OctoberSunset Palm

While on the Island we stayed at the Sunset Hotel for the duration of our stay. The Sunset Hotel is a stone’s throw from the ocean. The hotel is a short walk to everything in town including Taverns, Cafe’s, the supermarket and the island’s main shopping district. The Sunset has a nice pool you can relax and unwind in at any time during you stay.

All rooms have an ensuite, air-conditioning, ceiling fan complimentary Wi-Fi, tea and Coffee Facilities, microwave, TV, Toaster and a Mini Bar.

The island is home to 600 species of Fish, 180 different species of land and water crabs including the Red Crab which is exclusively found on the island and 23 bird species of which 7 are endemic to Christmas Island. This amazing island is has an abundance of natural beauty and is an untouched paradise home to only 1500 residents.20160615_072816_013

Highlights of the trip was seeing the abundance of Red Crabs that can be seen all over the island, even under foot when walking through the jungle. The hiking on Christmas Island is amazing and can be classified as soft adventure. We were fortunate enough to participate in a boat tour of the island providing a different perspective of what the island has to offer.

While on the boat tour we did some snorkelling, in which we were very lucky to have a pod of dolphins swim around with us. One of my favourite parts was getting to experience the outdoor movie theatre.







If you would like to enquire about Christmas Island please call or stop in to see Mathew.