Our Team

Crandon Keddie

(Co-Owner/Managing Director)

Crandon has been in the Industry and here at CRT since Feb 1987.

During that time he has travelled extensively – some places visited over the years include: Antarctica, Norway, The Arctic, Galapagos Islands, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, USA, South America, UK/Europe, Africa, and has skied in Australia and New Zealand and Japan.

Adventure and small group expedition travel is something that Crandon really enjoys; he has escorted three trips to Antarctica with a fourth planned for 2022 and has also escorted amazing trips to the Arctic and Norway, the Galapagos Islands and Peru plus Iceland & Russia. In July 2021 he will escort a Silverseas expedition of the Kimberley Coast (Darwin – Broome).

Contact Crandon for more information on these destinations!

Cathie Rice

(Co-Owner/Senior Consultant/Master Cruise Consultant)

Cathie is now pretty much enjoying retirement after more than 55 years in the travel industry… and to be honest we have run out of room on the walls to put up any more of her awards!

Cathie is happy to pop in by appointment only if you wish to speak with her about her travel experiences and her knowledge on the many destinations she has visited over her time in the Industry.

Camilla Owen

With over 35 years’ experience in the Travel Industry, Camilla is a highly experienced Travel Consultant. During this time she has worked in a variety of sectors including the Airline Industry, Retail and Corporate sales.

During my 15 years with Cathie Rice Travel, I have been blessed to experience a number of vastly different destinations and adventures. From cruising the rivers of Europe, to cruising the Mekong in Vietnam. From the bright lights of New York and the fabulous East Coast of USA to Europe in the middle of the Winter Market season. My most recent highlight and bucket list trip, was the privilege to experience the wonders of East Africa and a Uganda Gorilla Trek. And I would love to share some of my travel experiences with you.

Misha Treasure

(Cruise Centre Manager/Consultant)

I have been at Cathie Rice Travel since July 2007 and during my time here, I have travelled to many amazing destinations.

One of my favourite holidays would have to be South America, visiting Peru’s Inca city “Machu Picchu” and exploring beautiful villages well off the beaten track.

I love adventure and cruising and have been lucky enough to travel on Star Clippers, a small sailing vessel around some of Indonesia’s small islands, this was amazing for any water lovers out there! Snorkelling, diving and sailing at your fingers tips, and those keen can also climb the mast for 360 degrees of the beautiful ocean views.

Over the years I have been road tripping throughout California and Florida, of course been a big kid at Disneyland/world in Paris, Hong Kong and Orlando, wined and dined in Europe on board River cruises, cruised on big and small ships local and throughout the world.

See me for all things cruising!

I have recently returned from maternity leave and am working 1 day a week by appointment, I can also be contacted by email here